Accept Difference is conducting an intense 3-month media campaign between July and October 2016.

We have big plans beyond this, but we need your support to make them happen.

Donations will be put to good use towards:

  • Documenting stories of people with disability to capture and showcase lives that are full and valued and remove people’s assumptions that a life with disability is a lesser life.
  • Advertising our cause on media platforms such as TV, newspaper, radio and outdoor billboards.
  • Ensuring our staff can continue to meet and engage with community members and aligning organisations so we can keep real needs at the forefront of future developments.

To ensure Accept Difference is sustainable well into the future, we would greatly appreciate any support you can give, however small. All donations are tax deductible.

If you would like to contact us regarding donations or are experiencing any technical difficulties please contact us directly on 02 6568 2420.

Thank you.