About Accept Difference

Disability awareness campaign to promote inclusion

Accept Difference is a social awareness campaign focusing on the entrenched inequality faced by people with disability and their families. The campaign is run by Early Connections on the Mid North Coast of NSW (read more about how the campaign came into being here).

Disability is not rare or uncommon. In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests that 1 in 5 Australians have reported an experience of disability.

We are calling on the community of the Mid North Coast and beyond to accept that difference is a part of being human. No two people are the same, and understanding difference leads to happier communities.

We want to promote that acceptance leads to improved and vibrant community connections for all. Although this campaign focuses on disability, we acknowledge that many people face barriers to participating in real day-to-day life. These barriers could be cultural, socio-economic or geographical.

The logo of the Accept Difference social awareness campaign conveys kindness, acceptance and inclusion of people with disability in the community. The aim of this image is to convey the human qualities Accept Difference aims to foster in the broader community.The heart from the Accept Difference logo is central to this image and the shape is composed of connected hands. This symbol of compassion is surrounded by figures taken from the campaigns television commercial, their physicality and gestures express empathy and tenderness. A portrait of a male with a positive and kind expression and a female embracing a child through loving and supportive gestures.

Through the Accept Difference campaign, we aim to:

  • Collaborate with people with disability and their families.
  • Update the general public on current thinking about disability and inclusion.
  • Offer tips and resources to help people and business respond to disability in a respectful and progressive way.
  • Promote positive experiences of inclusion.
  • Facilitate dialogue and connection between people with and without disability.

If you or your business want to jump on board straight away and get practical tips on how to be more inclusive, check out What You Can Do.