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Accept Difference campaign website – optimised tags and contentHOME Target SEO keywords:Accept difference, Disability campaign, Disability awareness campaign, Disability NSW, Disability campaign NSW, Disability awareness campaign NSWTitle tag:Accept Difference: Disability Awareness Campaign NSW Mid North CoastDescription tag:Accept Difference. Social awareness campaign on the NSW Mid North Coast to help people better understand disability and to promote inclusive practices.IMG ALT tag for logo:Logo of the Accept Difference program, a disability awareness campaign on the NSW Mid North Coast.

Accept Difference Understanding Disability and Inclusion

Treat people with disability with respect.
This campaign shares practical tips to make Mid North Coast business and community more inclusive.

Creative direction and management of Accept Difference is led by Nancy Sposato Projects in collaboration with Early Connections and community members.

Accept Difference is a social awareness campaign fostering understanding about disability and inclusion on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales.